Pahamune House had no typical students as every child lived here had a unique story and had unique needs but below are details of some to whom we had been able to offer places:

  • A boy who at the age of 13 saw his village destroyed in the tsunami and has since seen both of his parents become infirm and unable to work as a result of problems associated with the tsunami. His ambition is to become a doctor but he feels more strongly the desire to return home to support his parents.
  • A boy who at fourteen was involved in gathering and burying the remains of those killed in his village in the immediate aftermath of the tsunami. On arrival here, he suffered a series of traumatic flashbacks which left him constantly trembling and crying.
  • A girl who at ten was forced by the civil war to leave with her family from her home in the East of the island and who were placed in a refugee camp on the other side of Sri Lanka. Since then her mother has died and her father has abandoned her and her four brothers and sisters. She and her siblings are at present being looked after by an unmarried uncle who can only gain casual work outside the camp.
  • A girl who at the age of 8 was sold into a life of slavery and abuse to satisfy the family's immediate, desperate need for money.
  • A boy who has since birth lived with his four brothers and sisters in a refugee camp for those displaced by the Civil War. He has known no other home in his twelve years of life other than the “temporary” shelters of these camps.
  • A boy who was orphaned at the age of seven and who relies entirely upon the work of his grandfather to keep him alive.
  • A boy who is now seven and his sister now aged five who were so neglected by their parents that we cannot even verify their ages or dates of birth.



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