Pahamune House is now run by local Sri Lankan staff

A highly experienced Principal from a neighbouring local school is in direct control of the day to day running of Pahamune House. He has recently retired after over thirty years as a Principal and has dedicated himself to the children of Pahamune. His local standing and knowledge ensure that our children are provided with the best possible opportunities in the local school system.

Pahamune House is also very lucky to enjoy the services of a local family who act as Wardens of the Boys' and Girls' Dormitories, General Site Manager and Financial Officer. This means that our children feel that they are being supported within a real family atmosphere and that they can benefit from the experience of a family whose life is far different from their own. Again this is a unique and exciting advantage for Pahamune House which allows us to provide very effective emotional support.

These staff are supported by a variety of local visiting teachers who provide the school with their services for a minimum fee. This means that our students receive extra help with Mathematics, Science, Sinhala, Tamil, Social Studies, Computing, Religion and Sewing. This allows them the opportunity to remedy any gaps in their education caused by their disrupted childhoods.

English is taught according to Sri Lankan National school curriculum. The aim is to improve the children's spoken and written English to allow them to access better paid positions within Sri Lanka. We aim to have two volunteers at Pahamune at any time and they offer both English teaching and support with sports, games and general supervision. Our volunteers are all unpaid and offer their services for free.

Pahamune also has a wide range of support staff including dedicated cleaners and a cook and it is our intention to increase these as the number of children rises. We also have links to local doctors and therapists who offer useful advice and services on request.

The general financial management of the school is managed through Sahabdeen's trust in Colombo.

Pahamune House at the inception was advised by David Summerscale, a retired British teacher who was Headmaster of Westminster School. His experience and concern helped to ensure that Pahamune House received the funding it needed to cope with its first intake of students. He has also been instrumental in finding and vetting all of the volunteers who have come here.


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