At present we have a range of ideas and plans for the future.

Our first aim is to upgrade our facilities and to complete our building projects so that we can expand our register of children and rationalise our use of space. This will allow us to develop a better equipped library, a play room, a medical room and classrooms furnished to reflect the different ages of the students for whom we care.

We also plan to undertake a number of educational projects. These will include:

  • Developing a better focused and more integrated scheme for improving English skills.
  • Using drama, music and art more effectively and more therapeutically.
  • Creating a vocational programme for our weaker students.
  • Developing a careers programme.
  • Creating a better programme of sport and PE to develop individual skills.

Additionally we wish to explore the ways in which we can build independence in our students and to create a clear programme of medical support and nutritional advice so that our children can enjoy the benefits of life-long health.

A final aim is to cement our place in the local community by promoting programmes of integration and education of benefit to both Pahamune House and the surrounding villages.

Please use the link below to view our development plan and wish list:

Development Plan
Wish List

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