Pahamune House has been highly successful so far in raising the funds and materials needed to support our children. However as we expand and improve our facilities, our need for support has also grown. Much of this has been provided by late Dr Sahabdeen and there after by his close family members and other private donors but the consistent need to feed, house and clothe these childran is a constant financial burden.

Although Sri Lanka is a developing country it is prone to the vagaries of inflation especially in terms of fuel and food prices and this ensures that we are always in a state of uncertainty.

As a developing country Sri Lankan prices appear relatively low by Western standards and this means that donations or support, however small, can have a major impact on us and our children.

You can help in two ways:

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Any donation you wish to make would be most gratefully received and we have a bank account into which any donations can be placed.

In addition we welcome donations of books and materials. However we would suggest that anybody wishing to offer such support, should contact us by e-mail to ensure that any such donations are appropriate and whether they can be better and more cost effectively resourced from within Sri Lanka itself.

Donations can be made directly to:

A M M Sahabdeen Trust Foundation,
DFCC Vardhana Bank PLC,

73/ 5 Galle Road
Colombo 03.
Sri Lanka

Rupee Current Account : 007001009739
US Dollar Savings Account : 007162000188

Swift Code: DFCCLKLX


We aim to have two volunteers from outside Sri Lanka resident at Pahamune House at all times. Volunteers should be highly independent and adventurous and should have a clear desire to give emotional and educational support to our children.

Volunteers will be expected to help supervise playtime, to involve themselves with the children in informal games and conversation and to teach some English classes. Skills in Art, Music, Drama or of therapeutic techniques would also help develop our ideas.

Volunteers will need to find the cost of their return airfare (currently around £380) and some money to travel in the country. We can offer basic but comfortable accommodation, all meals and support for travel on school business. For those staying for three months, personal costs will be varied. However, it would be perfectly feasible to see much of the country and enjoy regular meals out at local restaurants for a total of less than £1000 to cover the entire period of your stay. We have good contacts with local van and trishaw drivers which will help in arranging travel and links to other local organisations such as the Rotary Clubs and international schools. 

We are particularly keen to attract those with experience of life beyond the school environment. Hence we have successfully benefited from volunteers who left school at eighteen to enjoy three or four years of employment as well as those who have just graduated from university. Given the needs of our children, the opportunities we can offer are not appropriate to all of those seeking a gap year between school and university but we do not preclude considering such candidates.

Volunteers will need to recognise that Sri Lanka is a conservative country and that the area in which Pahamune House is situated has very clear standards in terms of dress, behaviour and appearance.


Other help:

We have set out below the ways in which your donations could help us in the future. As you can see even a small amount of money would enable us to continue our work and change the lives of our children.

  • $5 or £2.50 would buy a reading book for a child.
  • $6 or £3 would buy one child a mosquito net to protect them from dengue fever, chickungunya, malaria and encephalitis.
  • $7 or £3.50 would buy a pair of school shoes.
  • $11 or £5.50 would buy a school uniform for one child.
  • $12 or £6 would pay for a set of casual clothes for one child.
  • $14 or £7 would buy a year's school books for one child or all of their pens and pencils for the year.
  • $17 or £9 would buy a mattress
  • $40 or £20 would would buy the current range of sports equipment we use in one year.
  • $50 or £25 would provide all of our medical needs for one month.
  • $75 or £38 would buy a set of bunk beds.
  • $200 or £100 would feed all of our children for a day.
  • $300 or £150 would pay for a teacher for a month or would furnish a classroom with desks and chair.
  • $450 or £225 would pay for school transport for all of our children for one month.
  • $470 or £235 would pay for electricity, gas and water for one month.
  • $700 or £350 would pay for all of our non-teaching staff for one month.
  • $1200 or £600 would pay for a day out for all of the children.




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