It is difficult to give a clear assessment of the facilities available to the children of Pahamune House since they appear very different in the eyes of local and international visitors.

At present the children and staff are all housed in one building originally intended to become an institution of higher education. We are, however, completing two further buildings which will allow us to both better house all of the children and to increase the number to whom we can offer a place. These will also allow us the opportunity to increase the provision of books, study spaces and rest areas.

By local standards our facilities are good and closely relate to those available in hostels set up for children from outlying areas who are studying in local schools. Each child has his or her own bunk bed and locker and we have a limited variety of books, sports equipment and games available for the children. The majority of these (including a very modern and well-equipped computer laboratory) were the result of individual donations to the home.

However an international visitor would recognise that we do not meet the standards of similar institutions either in the west or in some areas in the developing world. Our medical facilities are severely limited and we cannot, as yet, provide separate dining facilities, adequate furniture or well-equipped classrooms. Neither do we have outdoor and indoor play areas or equipment sufficient to meet the differing needs of all of our children. We also have no form of school transport attached to Pahamune which limits our ability to build independence in our children.

These are all areas where we have concrete plans for improvement and have a clear definition of the financial implications required to make such improvements.

Please follow the links below to lists of our current play equipment, DVD library and library catalogue:





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