There is no typical day at Pahamune House but we do provide a general routine.

At 06.00 AM our children get up and wash and eat their breakfast. By 07.15 all of them will have left by bus for their day at the local schools where they are registered.

Between 08.00 and 14.00 our children are at school following local syllabuses in Tamil, Sinhala or English.

At around 14.30 the children return from school to eat their lunch, wash their clothes and rest.

From 15.30 to 17.15 they all have two support lessons before having an hour for playtime followed by a cup of tea

After this they wash and pray before settling down to complete their homework under the supervision of our volunteers Warden and Sub Warden.

A final lesson is followed at 20.00 by dinner after which they relax and go to bed.

At weekends students have some lessons on both mornings before beginning an organised programme of sports, games and relaxation culminating in Film Night (a wildly popular time for them all).

These arrangements are kept to as far as possible but Pahamune House also organises for its students:

  • Educational day trips to local historical and cultural sites.
  • Fun trips to beaches and local leisure parks.
  • Sports tournaments.
  • Matches with local schools.
  • Meetings with students from around the island.
  • Visits from experienced professionals to help our students to develop their artistic, craft and musical skills.

In addition we aim to celebrate all of the major religious festivals within Sri Lanka so that our children can see the rituals and practices of other faiths.


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